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I Have Put Unleaded in Diesel Car, What to Do?

As poison is to a human, so is unleaded petrol to a diesel engine. However, you can avoid catastrophic results if you keep the engine off and contact GMM1 as early as you can. With the increase of diesel car sales over the last decade in U.K, the problem of putting unleaded petrol into a diesel car is growing with every passing day. Of course, it causes frustration and you might start kicking yourself but that’s not the right way to deal with it. You have not much to lose when GMM1 is here to help you with fast, reliable and efficient unleaded in diesel draining service in London.

How Damaging is Unleaded in Diesel?

Let’s not turn our eyes from the bitter reality. Unleaded in diesel will increase the friction between the engine components and cause a breakdown if you don’t get it drained on time. Small amount of unleaded in the diesel tank isn’t much catastrophic, yet it must be removed to keep the engine-health in its prime form. On the contrary, adding a bulk of unleaded can prove extremely hazardous. GMM1 technicians suggest that you should go for a complete flush out process in both the cases.

Qualified Unleaded in Diesel Recovery Experts

Replacing wrong fuel is not a child’s play that can be carried out by everyone. It is something only well-versed experts should do. That is why you’ll get assistance of the most experienced technicians with GMM1. Our experts have recovered thousands of cars, vans & trucks of various makes and models over the years successfully. You’ll get complete peace of mind once you dial our number. Even if your vehicle has issues with emission, controls or sensors, there’s no need to be worried. We only use approved quality equipment and safest method to carry out the task ensuring safety of your vehicle.

Minimum Average Response Time for Wrong Fuel Recovery

GMM1 team knows how critical time is in case of removing wrong fuel from a vehicle. Delay in recovery means extra burden on your pocket. That is why our team knows the shortest route to reach you anywhere in London. It will hardly take 25 minutes for us to flush the mixed fuel. Here’s what our team will do:

  • At first, the unleaded in diesel will be drained thoroughly.
  • Afterwards, fuel lines and fuel filter will be cleaned.
  • The fuel tank will be re-filled with correct fuel.
  • The correct fuel will be pumped through the fuel lines and fuel filter and you’ll be shown green light to move again.
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GMM1 Won’t Cost you a Fortune

It’s never a pleasant feeling when you have to pay for doing something you didn’t mean to do. Stay calm because GMM1 unleaded in diesel recovery will not cost you a fortune. Plus, if you were smart enough and acted quickly, the expenses won’t surmount at all. Our team will not make unnecessary repairs and replacements for the sake of getting some extra ponds. We’ve got 100% customer satisfaction response owing to our commitment to quality and affordability of services.

Unleaded in Diesel Removal Service across London

GMM1 can fix your problem whether you are at a petrol station, at home, at your place of work or on the road in any part of London. As soon as you call us, our mobile recovery units will be mobilized to assist you. Even if you are somewhere in surrounding areas of London, our team will help you. You will not have to wait for hours in anxiety and frustration. Just speak to us and allow our team to take your worries away.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service